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Just want to say a big thank you for all the delicious food you made for us on Saturday night. It went down a treat. It was amazing, it's always amazing, I don't know why, but it was just out of this world this time. Everyone enjoyed it and commented on the standard of the food and the friendliness of Jan, Louise, Eddie & Gery, they were fantastic!! 
The peanut butter squares were so good, my favourite, I still have a few hiding in the fridge just for me. Your cheesecake was just fab.
Well thanks again to you all. We had yet another amazing night without the stress of the catering. It really does make all the difference. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Shirin, SM4, October 2014

Everything was really fabulous, especially the food. I wish you could cook for us every night. We were so very pleased and will definitely use you again, as well as recommend you to friends. End of sermon!
Christina, SW11, October 2014

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the food and staff for my party last weekend. When I started planning the party, neither you nor the DJ were available on my original dates and I'm so glad I decided to change the date to one that you could do instead of changing the catering/DJ!!
The food was amazing and I had everyone say how good it was - canapés that are filling and delicious - who would have thought it possible.
But the cherries on the cake were the staff. I have NEVER had such brilliant service. When the bar staff arrived I was totally frazzled and stressed out: the marquee had arrived 2 days late so I had spent the day setting that up; when I had planned to have the entire day to prepare the desserts and drinks. The head bar man took over, conjured Mojitos up out of thin air. And all the guests said they were the best they'd ever tasted (trust me those old-soaks have had a few!!).
The staff were attentive, discrete and took care of all the jobs that I would normally fuss over at a party; including making a guest a cup of tea when they were flagging.
I can't see myself ever doing a party like this without you and them EVER again. I am so grateful, I really couldn't put it all into words.
Lynette, TW9, July 2014

I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful food you produced for the drinks party, not to mention the fabulous team who made it all so easy for us.  Everyone said how delicious the food was, and it really was, and the hot crab dip got lots of mentions!  The team were all brilliant with a great sense of humour and fantastic coverage of the party so that no-one had an empty glass or went hungry!
We have had some wonderful thank you emails and letters saying what fun it was.  I suspect that it was partly because there were many people who had not seen each other for ages but also thanks to your wonderful team.
Very many thanks for such wonderful food and for sending such a good team!
Alice, SW1, June 2014

Thank you for your absolutely stunning catering and truly magnificent staff.  I have never had such a relaxed time at my own party - it was brilliant.  The food was truly scrumptious and was the subject of compliments from everyone present.  It was just fantastic being able to spend the whole evening chatting to my friends, while others kept their glasses constantly topped up and their mouths well fed too!  We had a fabulous time.  I adored the raspberry shortcakes - delicious!!
Thank you again.  It really was brilliant.  I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of repeat business from many of the people who came and the next time we do a big bash at home! 
Clodagh, SW11, October 2013

Thank you for an absolutely excellent evening. Your food was praised all round (including by a very sophisticated friend who is having a party next week, is nervous about her caterers and wishing she had booked you). Delicious and plentiful. Absolutely perfect – the food kept coming. I tried everything and I see what you mean about the Cheese Toasties. My nice friend who passed on your details certainly gets top marks, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I were asked to pass your details on to others in due course.
The staff were uniformly excellent. Absolutely superb – utterly efficient, friendly, totally on top of everything and as good as any team I have ever experienced in diplomatic life, which is a double compliment because the teams who used to turn up to help us in our previous life knew us, knew the house, the general approach etc and were generally being directed by the residence staff, backed up by the residence cook who was producing the food: your team was completely new to the set up and didn’t turn a hair. Thank you, it made all the difference, and if there were any backstage dramas, I never knew about them. Please pass on huge thanks to them – they were great. And thanks most of all to you for co-ordinating it all and for producing such perfect food for what turned out to be a perfect evening. Thank you also for all your advice and suggestions in advance – all much appreciated.
Erica, TW9, July 2013

Now that the dust has settled (along with the hangover), I’m writing to thank you for the great work you did for C’s Birthday Party last weekend. Everything you made was delicious and everyone who came was full of praise for your culinary genius!
Charles, May 2013, W8

Lunch was great, it went down a treat. I’m not sure why I would ever bother cooking again!
Felicity, March 2013, N5

Thank you for a very stress free dinner last night. The food was delicious and the staff very organised and efficient. Everyone loved the ice cream cake, and my son is very upset there isn’t any left over!
Rubina, NW8, March 2013

Wow, you outdid yourself! Everything was delicious, everyone was commenting on your wonderful canapés. It is so reassuring to know that when I have a party, that the food will always be amazing.
Jeannie, SW1, Dec 2012

A HUGE thank you to you and your team. They were charming and fantastic in equal measure. The food exceeded all expectations, and each mouthful was a delight.
Tonya, SW3, Dec 2012

Thank you and your staff for a lovely party. Lots of people commented on how delicious the food was, and I especially loved the pecan pies and bite sized burgers. All went so smoothly that I didn’t even have to go in and check anything, so I enjoyed my own party.
Rubina, NW8, Dec 2012

The evening was a total success, my guests were very happy and relaxed. The food and service (thanks to Eddie, Jan and Louise, they were indeed brilliant) was excellent and everyone commented on the high standard. Many, many thanks.
Inna, SW18, Dec 2012

Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ll ever cook again. You are a star!
Antonia, SW11, Nov 2012

Thank you very much for the evening, the food was great and the staff were so helpful, efficient and almost invisible, just quietly getting on with helping us all have a good time.
Mark, W1, Nov 2012

We had so many compliments on the food and the professionalism of your staff. Your team is discreet, efficient and attentive. I think you will get more business from our crowd. Thank you for making my party such a stress free event.
Carole, TW1, Sep 2012

I know C has emailed you to say what a lovely evening we had on Saturday, but I really wanted to thank you myself.  The food was absolutely fabulous, so tasty, and lots of it to go round, I was having to refuse in the end, and that’s not like me.  The hot crab dip was my ultimate favourite, so I was pleased to open the fridge on Sunday morning and find leftovers, yummy!! I was disappointed though to find Jan and Louise had gone and I didn't get to say goodbye and thank them for all their wonderful hard work.  Apparently I was strutting my stuff on the dance floor at the time they were leaving.... so I'm told.  Please would you pass on a big 'THANK YOU' to all four of them for making my evening very special. Can't wait for another celebration to get you guys round.  
Shirin, SM4, Sep 2012

I am delighted to tell you we raised £24k on Friday. It was such a team effort and I really do believe I owe the success of the night entirely to you. I have been inundated with emails from people wanting your details and raving uncontrollably about your breath-taking food. The variety was outstanding, we all marvelled at your explosion of flavours and the beauty of the presentation.I do believe a party organiser is only as good as their caterer, and you surpassed my wildest expectations. Please extend an enormous thank you to all your wonderful staff for their incredible professionalism. Beth, you are one in a million - you were immensely calm and give a personal touch to all your events. I look forward to doing lots more events with you in the future.
Annabel, May 2012, SW6

The food was delicious and your staff were amazing. They were incredibly efficient yet discreet, and so friendly to the children. My daughter was touched that they knew her by name for her special day.The bar staff were great, they kept coming around with drinks, yet did not intrude. Given it was all an open plan area, this was even more remarkable.
Debbie, July 2012, NW8

Everything was absolutely delicious, especially the lamb burgers. The honey mustard sausages were my husband’s favourite, the salmon was great quality and the clotted cream mini scones were yummy. The staff were wonderful and efficient, they left everything in tip top shape.They were a pleasure to work with and made the party relaxing for me and my husband. Again, a wonderful day – a million thanks.
Patty, July 2012, NW8

Food was delicious and the party was a big success. Thanks so much, you made it very easy, we will definitely use you again in the future.
Michelle, May 2012, NW8

I wanted to let you know how good the food was at the conference. It was definitely the best we have ever had. I don’t think I have seen such gushing praise for the food at one of our events ever. For a few days afterwards people talked about how it was the best conference yet, especially the food! You beat the Keynote Speaker! Well done you!
Lade, March 2012, SE5

All went brilliantly and the Christening cream tea barely touched their plates! Thanks a million, your staff could not have been more helpful.
Amanda, May 2012, SW3

What a delight to return, battered and bruised from skiing, to find your yummy food in our freezer.
Alice, April 2012, SW11

Just a quick one to say HUGE thanks for the most delicious food – so many ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from my friends. They adored every morsel. Thank you to your team who helped out beautifully – the kitchen was lovely and tidy at the end.
Kristina, March 2012

The party was an unmitigated success! Everyone just LOVED the canapes and your team was wonderful. I REALLY appreciate your help in making this so easy for me, and making me look so good. You are definitely our go-to person for parties in the UK.
Heather Byron-Cox, iRise, New York, Dec 2011

Thank you, the food was universally acclaimed as delicious, and having had another slice of polenta cake for breakfast, its deliciousness is a recent memory! The children’s food was absolutely spot on too, and the hall beautifully decorated – what a lovely idea of yours. The fish pie and casserole were both glorious, and the smoked salmon was somehow more delicious than any other smoked salmon canape I’ve ever had!
Kate, Dec 2011, SW3

Thank you for such fantastic catering for my house-warming party. It went like a dream and it was lovely for once not to lift a finger myself. My guests loved the canapes and were extremely complementary about the staff.
Gill, June 2011, SW15

I have lost count of the number of people who raved about the food and fantastic staff. Please pass my thanks to them as well.
Penny & Nick, April 2011, SW18

You took all the stress off Mum’s shoulders for our party, thank you, thank you! Everyone has been fullsome in their appreciation and praise for your delicious food.
Imogen & Johnnie, March 2011, SW18

A huge success! Everyone raved about the food and everyone went back for 2nds...some for thirds!
Rachel, Feb 2011, NW3

The lasagne was so delicious it was outrageous. It was so lovely not to have to cook and shop.
Tracy, Jan 2011, SW3

That was the best lemon cake I have ever eaten (it is my favourite dessert, so I have eaten a lot of it!)
Karen, Oct 2010, W14

Nothing but fantastic feedback. Beth, you really pulled it off, the food was beautiful, exactly what was required and the cheese toasties were the best hit! I personally loved the chocolate fudgey brownies…..
Amanda, Barclays Capital, Sep 2010, NW8

Beth, you are a true wonder! The food was fantastic as ever. You are very special.
Julian, July 2010, WC2

The food was absolutely amazing. Everyone raved. The only downside is that my friends won’t invite me back because they can’t compete with ‘my’ food!
Mandy, April 2010, W3

Your team did a sterling job! The service was seamless and very efficient, and you got lots of compliments. My friends said they had never been to a party where their glasses had never been empty! I think they might regret that this morning, but hey! D thought it was great to have a party with a stress-free wife and wants to make it an annual event.
Gail, Dec 2009, SW3

It was so wonderful not to worry and really enjoy my party. I have never been so spoiled before and I loved it.
Virginia, Nov 2009, SW6

People loved the Teriyaki Salmon and the Thai Beef Salad in particular. The cheesecake left people speechless, and as for your brownies, I have polished off loads which is very bad for the hips but v worthwhile on the lips!
Debbie, June 2009, NW8

Many thanks for the delicious food last weekend – the food really makes or breaks a house party and yours definitely made it!
Elizabeth, Oct 2009, Glos

The food was excellent and the wait staff so professional. My kitchen was so clean when they left. Thanks for making it such an easy evening of entertaining.
Karen, June 2009, W14

Your usual knock-out food.
Jonathon, Feb 2009, SW8

OMG, the meringues have just been delivered and everyone has downed tools and are gorging on your delights. We will have to take a mass visit to the gym soon. It’s the BEST MERINGUE EVER. I LOVE YOU!
Ffion, Act One Events, Jan 2009, W1

Thank you and your team who were simply fantastic. It was very easy to be relaxed with all of you so on top of things and delightful.
Jill, Feb 2008, TW10

May I take this opportunity in thanking you for contributing to one of the best weekends anyone could have wished for. Your company made the weekend so memorable for my 300 guests at Hampton Court House. When you start organising a party you think that it’s going to be a piece of cake, and then you realise that Julian Stoneman is involved. You then take a breath and wait to see what the next nightmare idea is that he comes up with. Whatever I threw at you, nothing was ever thrown back or out, and for that I truly thank you. The party was quite overwhelming, thanks to you. Act One Events look forward to working on another event with you in the future.
Julian Stoneman, Act One Events, July 2008, W1

You are a saint. Everthing demolished with gusto! Could not have managed without you.
Clare, Nov 2007, SW6

An absolutely perfect evening. Everyone raved about the food and the service was excellent. Thank you for indulging the children and allowing them to serve. An evening like that makes me want to have another party very soon!
Kimberly, Nov 2007, SW5

Your meals have given us more time to spend with our new arrival.
Claire, Oct 2007, N1

I offered to take my Mother and her friends to any restaurant for her Birthday, and she said she’d much rather have your Oriental Chicken at home to celebrate.
Remy, date unknown, W1

It was such a luxury to wake up to a clean kitchen!
Karen, May 2007, NW8

Thank you and your team for the usual efficiency and scrummy eats. It’s a very lazy-making combination….
Jonathon, Oct 2006, SW8

The food was outstanding, the service impeccable, and the presentation a work of art! We came away wanting to have another party the very next day.
Kimberley, Oct 2006, SW5

Your freezer food has been a godsend for my friend as she adjusts to life with baby No 3!
Tamatha, April 2006, NW3

The phone is still ringing with praise for your food and charming staff.
Noel, Nov 2005, SW3

Such delicious food, such a successful party – the service and bar tenders great too! All truly fabulous. I can’t tell you how many people raved on and on about your wonderful food, and have continued to do so well after the party. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It helped me, the hostess, have a great time as everything went so smoothly.
Sarah, June 2004, SW3

The catering was among the best I have ever come across, both for quality and service.
Sir Andrew Green, former Ambassador to Syria, re Squires party in Dec 2003, SW1

I want to thank you for a FABULOUS evening. Everything was as perfect as it could possibly be! My husband was over the moon (and he is one of those men who is NEVER satisfied). I hope we can make this a regular event.
Kimberley, April 2003, SW5

Wow! What an amazing woman you are. The food was quite out of this world. You have no idea of the compliments, thank you!
Jo, 2003, SW11

Our family took a one week cruise aboard a yacht on which Beth was the chef. Even aboard the loveliest boats, crew quarters tend to be a little tight; even the best-equipped galleys have their limits. We were a party of eight, three of whom had dietary restrictions. Despite these limitations, Beth served 28 excellent and creative meals (yes, fresh baked cakes and cookies with afternoon tea). Despite working very long days, she was always cheerful, eager to be of help, but never intrusive. Perhaps more than any crew member on board, Beth was responsible for a memorable vacation. She has the enthusiastic recommendation of every member of our party. Her Hazelnut Meringue was rated as the best dessert ever.
Ted Koppel, Potomac, Maryland USA, Sep 1994


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